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Architectural Paint

A. S. Paterson Company has a wide range of colourants, polymers, waxes and paint additives for architectural coatings. We are supported by experts in these fields enabling us to offer formulation suggestions to our customers.

Paint = Colour + Polymer + Solvent + Wax + Additive

Foam Control




Gloss Reduction

Water Resistance


A. S. Paterson Company has a wide range of paint additives and architectural products, as well as the expertise to assist customers on their use in formulations.


  • Organic pigments (Asiafine Chemical)
  • Dyes and pigments for wood stains (Milliken)
  • Pigment dispersions in water, alkyd, acrylic and other carriers (Pan Technology)
Polymers and Resins
  • Polyurethane dispersions (Bond Polymer)
  • Polyvinyl acrylic and acrylic emulsions (StanChem)
  • Acrylic emulsion for water-based wood varnishes (Interpolymer)
  • Shellac for stain blocking (Temuss Products)
  • Polyethylene and polyolefin emulsions to improve scrub resistance (Interpolymer)
  • Micronized waxes to improve mar resistance, reduce gloss and impart water beading to exterior stains (Micro Powders)
  • Micronized waxes and wax dispersion to improve scrub resistance of latex paint (Micro Powders)
  • Wax emulsions for water beading of exterior latex stains (Micro Powders)
  • Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS), Antioxidants, UV Absorbers (Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd.)
  • Defoamers, silicone and non-silicone paint additives (Hydrite Chemical).