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Protection of Vinyl, Tile, Terrazzo and Other Floors

Floor finishes are a good example of a protective coating formulation. Depending on the traffic and the desired appearance, they may be maintained nightly or much less frequently. We offer formulations that cover that span of performance.

Floor finish = Polymer + Levelling resins + Wax + Coalescing Solvents + Additives

Specular and Depth of Gloss


Recoat Time

Black Heel Mark Resistance

Water Spot Resistance

Detergent Resistance


A. S. Paterson Company offers all components of floor finishes excluding solvents. We offer formulation support for any coating formulation being used as a floor finish application.

  • Polyurethane dispersion (Bond Polymer)
  • Acrylic leveling solution (Interpolymer Corp)
  • Acrylic styrene emulsion (Interpolymer Corp)
  • Acrylic homopolymer (Interpolymer Corp.)
  • Polyethylene and polyolefin emulsions (Interpolymer Corp)
  • Defoamer (Hydrite)