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Introducing Polyfluo 523AL from Micro Powders Inc!

Introducing Polyfluo 523AL from Micro Powders Inc!

This year’s American Coatings Show saw Micro Powders Inc. unveil their latest innovation – Polyfluo 523AL. Micro Powders has been developing high performance wax additives since 1971.

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Introducing Polyfluo 523AL


Polyfluo 523AL is a highly engineered HDPE/PTFE composite reinforced with 300 nm aluminum oxide nanoparticles (Mohs hardness 9.0). Polyfluo 523AL dramatically boosts scratch resistance (pencil hardness) in all types of coating systems. This microfine composite gives the formulator the cutting-edge performance of alumina nanopowder in a safe, easier-to-disperse, non-nano additive. The density of Polyfluo 523AL is optimized for maximum surface mobility and minimal settling. Polyfluo 523AL has been constructed with MPI's innovative Composite Particle Technology.


In case you missed it...MPI Presented at ACS


During ACS, Micro Powders' Technical Team Leader, Dr. Onome Agori-Iwe, presented a structure-property-performance study in which the value proposition of the use of surface enhancing additives created with Composite Particle Technology is demonstrated in a water-based coating, utilizing electron microscopy techniques as well as physical properties testing of the surface of wax dosed and undosed coatings.