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Company Profile

Providing Value to both Customers & Vendors

Technical chemical expertise combined with attentive and personalized customer service represent our founding principles. We can guarantee that any type of paint or solvent we can provide is of the highest quality for your unique needs.

Mission Statement:

A. S. Paterson Company Limited is a national chemical distributor dedicated to understanding the requirements of our customers and consistently supplying the products and services to meet their needs. To successfully serve our customers, we will be sensitive to the needs of our environment, our employees and our suppliers.

Why choose A.S. Paterson Company?

With over 85 years in operation as a chemical distributor - A.S. Paterson not only stocks an inventory with wide variety but can make the recommendations necessary to make sure you, the customer, are leveraging these new products at their full potential.

By introducing new and unique products into your business regimen, you can improve your efficiency and elevate your product selection ahead of your competitors. Our almost 90 years of experience gives us the advantage of the long-standing relationships necessary to procure high quality products and offer them to you at a more affordable rate. 

We empower you to create new product lines and expand your business, or innovate on older ideas. These principles are at the core of our reputation and drives us at A.S. Paterson Company to provide product specifications, delivery, formulation assistance, and product testing assistance at a quality that meets our stringent standards. 

Our staff are also familiar and adhere to all relevant Canadian regulations. We can advise you on compliance best-practices if desired on an on-going basis.