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Polymer Technology in Acrylic Emulsion Paints


The global acrylic emulsion market is estimated to reach almost $9 billion (USD) by 2022. Such a figure is significant in terms of value, and indicates that their importance. Acrylic emulsions are used for applications across a wide range of industries including:


  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Construction additives
  • Paints
  • Coatings


An acrylic emulsion is used to enhance the adhesion, thickness, luster, binding, and surface protection properties of many products.

Paints, in particular, highly benefit from the use of acrylic emulsion. They are formulated according to specific use, be it as primer, undercoat or for special finishes. The pigment used in paints is broken down into particles, which are coated and dispersed in the binder, also known as resin or polymer. The three most significant binders or resins used in modern paints are acrylic polymers, alkyd polymers and epoxy polymers. Most emulsion paints have a binder, based on homopolymers or co-polymers of vinyl acetate and an acrylic ester. The polymers used in this kind of paint are carried in water or water-based acrylic emulsion paints which are known to be much better for the environment than those which use organic solvents. 


Emulsion paints are made by a process called emulsion polymerization, wherein the liquid monomers are dispersed first in water as an emulsion. The resulting polymers usually have relative molecular masses ranging from 500,000 to 1,000,000. With this mass, they are useful only as dispersions because they will be extremely viscous if carried in solution. Acrylic emulsion resins can also be used in industrial paints, both as water-based emulsion or solvent-based paints.


Whatever it is you need, A.S. Paterson has assembled a wide range of resins and polymers. We offer special formulation assistance not just for paint and coatings, but also for printing ink, floor finish and carpet care, cosmetics, seed coatings, and dust suppression. We provide unique innovative polymer technologies in the areas of acrylic emulsion, vinyl acetate and polyurethane.


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