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The Crucial Role of Non-silicone Defoamer in Adhesives

Non-silicone Defoamer

The adhesive industry has always sought new technologies and formulations to create the best products for a wide range of applications. The best adhesives are perfect combinations of polymers and additives. Polymer and additive selection allows the properties of the adhesive to be adjusted for specific applications in different industrial fields. In order to produce this level of flexibility, formulators must understand the interaction of the various additives. Technical expertise and a wide range of test methods are necessary to evaluate adhesive performance and determine the most suitable additive for the specific needs.  Silicone and non-silicone defoamer is perhaps the best example of innovation in modern adhesives. 


Defoamers are a chemical additive that inhibits foam formation and break foams once formed.


Also known as anti-foaming agents, they destabilize foam because of their hydrophobic components. Silicone based defoamers have siloxane backbones and can be delivered as a water-based or oil-based emulsion. They typically contain hydrophobic silica which is suitable for both aqueous and non-aqueous systems including oil refining and crude oil.


In comparison, non-silicone defoamers are organic compounds in a water based emulsion of high grade mineral oil or other surfactants or surface active agents. They can be used to reduce air entrainment during the production and application of adhesives. It is a great alternative for applications where silicone is not desirable or cannot be used. Non-silicone defoamer is widely used in industrial applications such paints and coating. Each foaming issue in the formulation of adhesives is unique, so careful selection of the right defoamer for any specific application is crucial.


A. S. Paterson offers great resources, customer service and carry an extensive stock of additives which can help your enterprise formulate the right adhesive for products and parts, including silicone and non-silicone defoamer. Contact or visit us today to learn more.