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The Key Features of Micronized Waxes

Micronized Waxes

Micronized waxes are a wax powder made by air jet milling or spray chilling. Their particle size typically averages at less than 10 micrometers. It is a linear synthetic paraffin which is produced by polymerization of ethylene or by the reaction of carbon monoxide.


Branched micronized waxes offer higher molecular weight or hardness, sometimes useful for a particular solubility. Prior to the development of micronized wax, coarse powders were milled for liquid printing inks. In paste inks, the wax is dissolved in a hot resin solution and poured into a three-roll mill for precipitation of fine crystals.


Polyethylene provides many industries with a wide variety of key features in micronized waxes.


Digital imaging

Micronized wax is key in many thermal ink systems such as toners and transfer ribbons. Its narrow and controlled melting profile means lower print temperatures, improved print durability, and faster print speeds. It can be further customized and modified for compatibility, depending on the ink resin system used in any given application.



With low polydispersity, high linearity and crystallinity, micronized waxes make perfectly suitable nucleating agents in EPS (expanded polystyrene applications). Their consistent and controlled melting behavior enables them to be extrusion aids in different polymer systems, anti-block agents in polymer films, and for mold release in PU applications.  



Micronized waxes meet the two ends of a high melting paraffin wax and high molecular weight polyethylene in cosmetics and personal care formulations. They are used for enhancing product texture, stability, and control melting point. Consistency and reliability of performance offer the same key benefits for other sectors as well, including coatings, ceramics, and high performance hot melt adhesives.


With more than 85 years of experience as a chemical distributor, A.S. Paterson provides a comprehensive inventory of products used in countless industries including micronized waxes. We are dedicated to understanding your business requirements to be able to supply the best product and services available. We can offer professional advice and recommendations to ensure that you are leveraging your new products to their full potential.