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The Uses of Micronized Waxes

Micronized Waxes

Coating and protection of products, tools and machinery is an essential investment for hundreds of businesses across Canada. Many industrial grade, high quality coating or paint solutions employ micronized waxes to provide gloss, resistance, and slip surface. This is essential in a very wide range of applications.


Micronized Waxes are, for example, used in printing inks to enhance rub resistance and maintain printability. In surface applications they also increase the smoothness level and slip surface of a piece or material, ideal for finishes that minimize water retention.


A.S. Paterson provides chemical and paint solutions for a wide array of industrial and commercial enterprises. We have cultivated extensive experience in the field, operating in the chemical industry for more than 85 years. We can provide solutions for most needs and can offer a unique approach that ca help any enterprise improve process efficiency and maximize results.

Most automotive paint protection employs micronized waxes in managing water retention and preventing watermarks when dry. A glossy, smooth-to-the-touch feel is often accomplished with micronized waxes in automotive paints.

We offer a variety of micronized waxes to improve industrial and commercial process:

  • Polyethylene and Propylene
  • PTFE
  • Carnauba
  • Amide
  • Nylon

Our long-standing expertise and close ties with our suppliers will provide your enterprise with the best options available when it comes to formulations related to slip, gloss or shine, abrasion resistance and water resistance or repelling properties. Whether it is for automotive paint solutions and protection or a very diverse range of industrial applications, we are able to help you chose the best solution available.

You can browse our website catalogue for an extensive list of products and services we offer. Our expert staff is always available to help your enterprise determine all requirements including chemical mixtures and additives.

Contact AS Paterson today to speak with an expert or to request a consultation.