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Your Go-To Guide For Paint Pigment and Colour Dye


At A.S. Paterson, we provide the best value to our customers and vendors whether they need a paint pigment, a colour dye, or an ink formulation. We’re proud of our high quality, personalized service and our dedication to customer satisfaction. We’ve been in operation for almost 90 years and have since established a reputation that is far ahead than all of our competitors.



Here are some benefits of a paint pigment and dye:



  • Colour Combinations – The combination of paint pigments help in the production of numerous colour effects. For example, a fluorescent paint pigment can absorb UV and can emit this light in attractive ways!
  • Optical Brightening – These types of fluorescent dyes are basically colourless. They store energy and gradually emit this in the form of visible and beautiful colours.
  • Stable Colours - Colours from this type of paint pigment are admittedly strong and stable. They don’t fade as easily since they are from insoluble molecules. As long as they are dispersed well in a medium, they remain there for a long time.

We’ve been a chemical distributor for almost nine decades.  We not only understand the needs of our clients, but we also take the environment and integrity of our suppliers into account. Nevertheless, we are as advanced as our toughest competitors when it comes to the strength of our innovations.

Colour is always labeled as the key to all sorts of distinctions. We’ve been a leading manufacturer of dye and colour since 1928, and are committed to providing our customers with the perfect paint pigment and dye for their various projects and applications. Unlike dyes, pigments are larger and insoluble materials that are usually dispersed into a particular medium.

We at A.S. Paterson are dedicated in servicing all your industrial needs for colours and pigments. We’re a company that takes pride in our hassle-free delivery and accurate formulation assistance, but are absolutely dedicated to your satisfaction.