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Products for Your Unique Product

This specialized class of ink is composed of:

Screen Ink = Colour + Resin + Solvent + Wax + Additives

A. S. Paterson Company has a wide range of products suitable for screen ink formulations.

We have the support of top suppliers who understand the unique requirements of a silk screen ink.

Through colourant, resin, wax and additive selection; ink formulations can benefit from better durability, flexibility, adhesion, chemical resistance, slip, water properties and screen application properties.

  • Organic pigments (Asiafine Chemical)
  • High performance inorganic pigments (Asiafine Chemical)
  • Iron blue pigments (Asiafine Chemical)
  • Aniline black pigments (Evonik)
  • Acid, basic and solvent dyes and optical brighteners (Milliken)
  • Certified colours for food contact inks (Milliken)
  • Pigment chip dispersions for ultimate colour development and gloss (Pan Technology)
  • Aqueous and plasticizer pigment dispersions (Pan Technology)
  • Wax dispersion for UV cured inks (Kromachem)
  • Wide range of micronized polymers for slip, abrasion resistance and other surface properties (Micro Powders)
  • Wax emulsions for slip and abrasion resistance
  • Defoamers (silicone and non-silicone) (Hydrite Chemical)
  • Stabilizers for improved shelf life of UV cured inks (Kromachem)